We are an Australian property powerhouse

The Conquest™ story

Launching in 2003 on a firm foundation of passion and innovation, Conquest™ has fast become a transformative force in the Australian property market.

After first commanding the residential development and construction markets, venturing into hospitality and funds management then catapulted us into the realm of Australia’s most successful privately owned real estate and investment powerhouses.

Now, with a global footprint that includes offices in Sydney and London, we are renowned for our aspirational and urban renewal projects with an expansive portfolio encompassing inspired residential apartments, hotels and developments. Each pioneered by an expert team of business leaders, master builders, planners, designers and craftspeople to offer a seamless, full-service offering.

Welcome to a new era of property entrepreneurship, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Our vision

We aim to reshape the world through innovative and sustainable development.

Nothing extraordinary was ever born from taking a traditional approach. That’s why we champion out-of-the-box thinking – to craft built environments that are as sustainable as they are inimitable.

Ultimately, we’re on a mission to make a profound impact by creating opportunities and spaces that inspire, engage and elevate the human experience.

The Conquest™ way

At Conquest™, we’re forever striving for shared success.

Our commitment to the highest standard of quality means you’re provided with end-to-end support. Our highly skilled team is fully integrated into every step of the build process, from development, design and architecture, right through to construction, sales and marketing. That means you get to approach every stage with complete confidence.

The depth and breadth of our industry expertise make us consummate property experts. Our priority is ensuring brilliance in every venture we create, own and manage, and remaining totally transparent from day one.

We’re proud creators with a devotion to doing things right, and backing every verbal commitment with action, passion and innovation.

Our team

Our people are the cornerstone of Conquest™, taking the success of both our business and our clients to unrivalled levels.

Our rigorous standards ensure we bring on board nothing but the best – individuals with unparalleled industry knowledge, technical prowess, and the right balance of passion, curiosity and grit.

Our community partners

To further align us to our philanthropic goals, we actively partner with a growing number of charitable organisations through our charitable fund, generously supporting key community charities including Victoria Cross Foundation, PCYC, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Youth Off The Streets and OzHarvest.