A best in-class build experience

With a range of highly specialised teams working cohesively across a full suite of capabilities, rest assured that every project is rolled out with the utmost attention to detail across all stages. This means the highest standard of quality control for you, made possible by the collaborative nature of our
in-house experts.

Our end-to-end capability


From site acquisition and feasibility right through to architectural design, construction, and sales and marketing, every stage of the development process is fastidiously managed in-house to deliver on our promise of superior spaces that stand the test of time.

Design & Architecture

Conquest™ projects rise above the ordinary, thanks to an exceptional team of in-house designers who work alongside world-class architects. The result is iconic spaces of flawless function for the betterment of all.


As a leader in developing a broad spectrum of projects, Conquest™ delivers success like no one else. Rooted in operational discipline and technical expertise, our boundary-pushing team pioneers new techniques to provide end-to-end excellence. As both the developer and builder, we’re able to meticulously scrutinise our projects at every stage, ensuring each one goes above and beyond Australian compliance standards and delivers on best-in-class quality and engineering. Being an independent company also means we can be refreshingly agile in response to the unique needs of every project, using the incomparable prowess of some of the most respected and talented people in the industry.

Sales & Marketing

Tapping into an in-house team of strategic sales and marketing specialists, we have the means to produce forward-thinking, market-relevant campaigns and collateral that target the right audiences, create impact, and produce strong results.

Fund Management

Investing side-by-side with our clients ensures mutual interests from day one. With skin in the game, we always have a laser eye on the most favourable outcomes. Armed with a nuanced understanding of the real estate investment landscape and personal experience riding the market’s many cycles, our specialised team of Fund Managers makes informed, risk-adjusted investment decisions that optimise your portfolio and strategically grow your wealth. Plus, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to invest in varied projects undertaken by Conquest™.

Quality & Care

Embodying our unwavering commitment to putting clients first, our specialised Quality & Care team offers intimate building expertise and prompt solutions to any issues. Coupled with our dedicated in-house warranty department and a robust quality assurance system, we can guarantee 100% satisfaction and peace of mind, 100% of the time.

Our projects

Residential & Mixed Use

Soho, Burwood, NSW

Residential & Mixed Use

The Greens, Strathfield, Strathfield, NSW

Residential & Mixed Use

La Luna, Burwood, NSW

Hotels & Hospitality

Crowne Plaza Sydney, Burwood, NSW

Residential & Mixed Use

Balfour Place, Lindfield, NSW